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Hey guys.

I’m Dan Marx. The soul behind this blog.

I built this blog thanks to my U.S. and Canada friends that are constantly trying to figure out my techniques, tools and rituals that I use to work and live.

To that end, I will write on personal development, leadership, productivity, and tips for life. Once in a while I will write about some good content that doesn’t fit neatly into one of these categories.

I am the Lead Cost Analyst from a major construction company and a content writer. I have a degree In Civil Construction Technology from a Federal Institution.

I was born in Goiânia City in 1989. Yes, We don’t have just Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. It is a great city in the middle of the country with about 1.3 million people.


My Life

This is me. The beauty in my back is my lovely wife Lucy.lucy-and-dan

We have married in december of 2016. It is still fresh. 🙂

I’m still learning from it every single day. It’s a happy life, and I hope that lasts forever.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, running, playing soccer, chatting with my friends, traveling, connecting with people and writing.

I am a member of Reach Community Church, where I have served as a local minister for two years.


About The Blog

This is my newest passion. To help people somehow as I was once helped.

Check out productivity posts like:

How To Boost Your Productivity With Pomodoro Technique Get The Most Out Of Parkinson’s Law Technique

Or improvement posts like:

Why You Need To Start A Daily Journal Right Now

Or even personal development posts like:

7 Valuable Lessons I Learned From Getting Shot

Yes. I got shot once. haha. But moving on…

In most part 9-5 job in Brazil is not like yours. We have 8-6 and 7-5 jobs. So it is harder to arrange the full day with so little free time in the beginning of it.

My skills are influencing and inspiring people, and it’s unbelievable how passionate I am right now. My biggest interest is helping people to get their lives in their own hands again.

I absorb an absurd amount of information every single day about these topics. From at least 2 books (or audiobooks, I love them) each week, podcasts, and dozens of blog posts, studies, and articles.

I seek out information and I try to apply on my everyday life to see how much of it is trash, and what add some value.

I love answering people who want real value for their lives. This is gold for me.

The Website Info

For some people this information may be useful. So I will describe some of my website technicalities.

My blog was built on with a self-hosted WordPress base. I use BeTheme, it is a premium WordPress theme with more than 200 websites templates. For example, you can use for apps, blogs, authors, speakers, companies, freelancers, and others.

For hosting, I recommend BlueHost. It is the most reliable that I’ve found, it is cheap too. It offers a fulltime support. It is the best hosting service you’ll find.

Thank You

I hope you walk beside me in this great nice path to self-discovery. Subscribe for updates to your email inbox and send me an email any time you want to give me feedback or to talk about how Star Wars is so good. 🙂

In thisshort postI present to you a little more information about this blog.

Let me know how can I help and I will give you my soul to find a way.

Thanks for visiting my home.

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We send out our lovely email newsletter with useful tips and techniques, recent articles and upcoming events.
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