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5 Reasons Why Notifications Will Drown Your Productivity
August 1, 2017

Declutter – 7 Ways To Keep Productivity Flowing With A Clean Desktop


I don’t believe that a good productivity flow is made only of apps, tools, charts or graphs. Behind every person has a story and a different behind the scenes. Declutter is a one in a lifetime discovery that I learned with Josh and Ryan from the minimalists.

In today’s post I will tell you what triggered my first move in this self improvement subject in my 9-5 job.



From time to time I absorb, read or listen about new things that may improve, not just my productivity, but improve me.

This began in my first office job.

Years ago I was in my early days at the market of construction as an Assistant Planner of Construction Budget. I didn’t know nothing about it.

Unexperienced. Naive. How to start or do anything without knowing?

My boss at the time was a very strong and organized woman that helped me to find my path in the company. She didn’t just helped me on excel or related things to my position at the time. She helped me to get organized and faster, she knew that I would need this to follow their pace. So, she taught me.

So What?

The one thing that I will tell you about today is one of the lessons that I learned from her.

One day, at the office, my mouse broke. It was a USB microsoft mouse with a long wire.

I had to request another one and ask for her approval before the purchase. I sent her an e-mail and she replied with one sentence.

Get a wireless one.

My Boss

I said ‘Alright’. Why refuse?

That’s how I got my first wireless equipment. Oh god. It was great. I felt like a kid. From now on I just want wireless stuff.

In the meantime I realized something that changed my life since then.

One less wire made my desk look crazy organized. It increased my feeling of ‘now I can accomplish things’.

From this I jumped to the point that every single thing in my desktop is needed and organized.

No more mugs, organizers, paper, folders or things that I didn’t need.

 My Tip For You Today Is…

Declutter NOW your desktop.

Why to do it?

  1. Feels good. Number one thing that I noticed. It will get you a mood boost.
  2. Things are in place. Know where are the resources you need (pen, post-its, folders) and never get lost again.
  3. Room for new things. You’ll have freedom to add new stuff to your new space. Remember, good stuff.
  4. Increase focus on a task. The feeling of a clean space
  5. Reduce time of a task. In one particular study, researchers asked participants to solve a puzzle in a cluttered and a clean environment. The puzzle solvers in a cleaner environment were able to get the job done quicker. The messy environment took out the sense of personal control of the other ones.

 How to do it?

  1. Label them all. Every single folder or organizer need to have a purpose Make it easier for you or the others. Label’em.
  2. At close range. Keep the most needed assets to your hand’s reach. Pens, notebooks or organizers. The other stuff, put in the drawer.
  3. Paperless. Use Evernote to clear clutter. Transfer notes, templates, procedures, reminders, and a bunch of other stuff to a digital space.
  4. Drawers optimized. I have two drawers. One for my personal stuff, and the other goes to office things. Keep it organized too.
  5. Hide the wires. Cables, chargers and everything that need a wire connection please hide it. Put everything shorter and organized. I use spiral wire organizers to make it look clean.
  6. Different inboxes. When someone go to your desk to leave something, how do you receive it? Put an inbox for the important requests. Weekly budget analysis on Inbox 1, Daily report on Inbox 2 and the rest you got it.
  7. Maintain. The most important thing in the list. Every single piece of change needs discipline and constancy. Commit to it and keep it going.

For the most of us, this is a hard step but once is made it’s easier to keep up the pace.

There so many quotes saying that a cluttered desk is good for creation, but that doesn’t help to get the job done. It also doesn’t have many support in science.

To get the job done, keep your mind, heart, desk and house decluttered. ALWAYS.

Tell me. When you go to work, how will you find your desk? 

Feel free to comment or to leave me a question in my twitter.

Bye folks. 🙂

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We send out our lovely email newsletter with useful tips and techniques, recent articles and upcoming events.
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