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5 Reasons Why Notifications Will Drown Your Productivity


Your smartphone notifications will ring and you will kill your productivity in seconds. In this short post I will talk about how you can control notifications to your favor.

I believe that every single resource must be used to improve your life. Notifications is a great resource but may turn your life in a hell on earth if not used wisely.


How Notifications May Kill Your Productivity

That buzz.

That red dot.

We don’t have distance anymore. People from every single country can reach anyone in a blink of an eye.

Through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter we are always getting fresh content and updates from blogs, celebrities, friends or influencers.

I mean. ANYONE can get ANY content ANY time.

How great is that?

Well. It’s awesome but NEVER while you are trying to focus and get things done.
What’s The Problem?

The thing is, when you work you need to be entirely involved and focused. By that time you have to know some of the downsides of getting notified all the time by your phone.

Here It Goes 5 Reasons You Need To Be Aware Of

  1. It’s a distraction. Every time that buzz, whistle or ring comes from your phone you get distracted. Really, It’s impossible to focus at work when your mind is curious about something else than work.
  2. Multitasking is a myth. You don’t know how to do two tasks at once. You think you do but your brain only change the focus between them. Every notification that you get is another task to your brain. Think about it.
  3. Your focus will fade away. Remember that flow that you get to finish a task without a big effort? That’s due to focus. When you’re focused your brain is prepared to finish any task and then BUZZ. Goodbye focus.
  4. You will lose track. When your focus was once gone is a burning hell to get started again. You’ll use more time get in that flow again.
  5. It’s never that important. If you have all your apps on notification mode on you’ll notice a pattern, in almost every buzz, it will be something that will not add any value to your life or that you can respond later.

How To Turn This Around?

So if this is disturbing my work flow or environment how can I beat this with the most simple way?

I’ve listed another 5 things to get back on track to maximize your productivity with or without notifications.

  1. Choose your ‘must’ notifications. Every app has it’s degree of importance. You must choose what will be your never silenced application.Take me for example, I never silence reminders or calendars but twitter and instagram are always on mute.
  2. Put your smartphone in ‘not disturb’ mode. Every time a buzz happens you tend to look to know who is dying or who is calling you out. C’mon, it will suck every energy that you put in your work.
  3. Schedule for social media. Social media is important to connect and get information but you need to schedule it. do it 3 times a day. It’s enough.
  4. Create time for e-mails. Just like social media this is a category of time draining. Respond your e-mails at a certain time of day. Don’t do it every time that comes to mind.
  5. Don’t bother with the red dots. If you are like me you cringe with that red dot in the app remembering that you NEED to see what’s inside. Well, Disable them or don’t bother, they will always keep coming to make you waste time thinking if it’s important.


I believe you got it. Right? The Pomodoro Technique will help to solve this problem too.

You can always find a distraction if you’re looking for one.

Tom Kite

The thing is, resist the urge to distract and it will get in the tracks smoothly.

As usual, before you go tell me what is your biggest source of notifications and how you deal with it.

Feel free to comment or to leave me a question in my twitter.

Bye guys. 🙂

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We send out our lovely email newsletter with useful tips and techniques, recent articles and upcoming events.
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